St Maries Christian School


St. Maries Christian School Spreads Christmas Cheer

Under the direction of Aleida Quick, teacher at St. Maries Christian School, and Sue Clark, volunteer aide, along with the help of the our art teacher, Suzie Neveau (volunteer parent) the students of the 2008-2009 school year made marionettes to depict the Nativity story.  They were used for the 2008 Christmas program at the St. Maries SDA church. Mrs. Quick stored the marionettes for use again for this Christmas.  This year Mrs. Quick and Sue Clark took the show on the road. They presented the program for the residents of the ValleyVistaCareCenter and AssistedLivingCenter in St. Maries.  When the students walked out with their marionettes, smiles came to the faces of the elderly people. They were caught up in the program and truly enjoyed it.  After the program was finished, the students took their marionettes around and greeted the residents.

Aleida Quick, Sue Clark and students/residents         

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